Friday, March 30, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks. Truth is, I've been in a real bad mood, and didn't care to spread the love.

We've had a fairly productive past couple of weeks. Not nearly what I'd like it to be, but better than nothing I reckon.

Thing is, our youngest son is turning 18 on May 23rd, and graduating high school May 25th, which means we'll be having a lot of family and friends up for a birthday/graduation party, and I have about a million things I want to get done around the house before we have company.

I need J to do a lot of these things, and he and I aren't seeing eye-to-eye on what we each think needs to be done.

Oh well.

Previously I had wondered if the newspaper seedling pots were sucking the water out of the soil, and causing my sprouts to not sprout, or the already-sprouted tomatoes to not grow.
Several days ago, me and R were cleaning out from under the carport and had stacked a stack of newspaper on the cement floor.  Even though the floor was dry, when we picked up the newspapers, we saw they had sucked out an even drier spot in the cement!

So, yeah, I'm thinking the newspaper seed pots were a bust.
Well, as far as the tomatoes at least. Maybe the peppers and onions, but I don't know if they were ever going to sprout or not.  My lima beans, sunflowers, and squash still did okay in the newspaper pots. Maybe they don't need as much water? I don't know.

I decided to take some of the tomatoes out of the newspaper pots and put them in paper/wax-coated Coke cups and see if that makes any difference in their growth.

My lima beans plants are growing right along, but haven't even got them in the ground yet and something is already eating on them!  I'm afraid pests are going to be bad this year, on account of the mild winter we had.

We got the garden area cleared out and J mowed and plowed it. We might have planted yesterday, but my car tore up and him and Ryan were working on it all day. I probably could have done the planting, but I know J, it would have freaked him out. He'd have been down there "helping" me rather than working on my car.

While I was out front yesterday filling the water jug from the rain barrel, I saw my dogwood trees have bloomed out really pretty, and my first rose of the year.

I don't know what kind/name of these roses are. They were here when we moved in 12 years ago, and you can see them all over town in nearly everyone's yard.

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