Sunday, March 04, 2012

It was just over a week ago I posted about getting started on sprouting seeds for our garden this Spring.

This past Friday, J brought home a couple dozen of the Black Russian tomato sprouts he and his partner at the station have already sprouted using the little peat pellets, and re-potted them in some of my newspaper seed pots.
He didn't actually re-pot, but just dug a hole and added the entire peat pellet, sprout and all. When they get bigger, heartier, and the weather is right, we'll dig a hole in the garden and add the entire newspaper pot, plant and all.

During the past week when we've had temps of 70's/50's, I've left the trays of plants out in the backyard to be able to get some sunshine.
It was rainy Thursday evening so I tucked them up under the back porch to keep them from getting drowned.
When I pulled them out Friday morning, I was seeing a little bit of activity already. At least one Sunflower had sprouted, and one Bell Pepper, along with a couple of the Lima Beans.

I watered them, then went to help J with re-potting his tomato sprouts. When I came back a little later, I had even more sprouts! Just that quick.
Before, only the top left sunflower had sprouted. After watering and some sunshine, the top center and bottom left pots had sprouting!

I have even more Lima Beans sprouting, which makes me happy, I love Lima Beans! J says "Meh" to Lima Beans.

After Friday nights' terrible storms, temps dropped again, and we're under a few days of Freeze Warnings, so I'm back to bringing them back in at nights.

Speaking of storms, we had a really close call here Friday night, an F3 tornado passing within just a couple of miles of us.

(Not a tornado)
Ryan was with his volunteer fire station(s) that night (only one of them had a call, a house struck by lightning). He got to go in on his first interior attack. He was so excited, but poor thing sucked all his air out of his SCBA too fast and had to exit.

J was working on the ambulance that night. He was having to run calls after the tornado went through, and ran into problems such as...

Me and Kev held down the fort here at home. I think I was actually more worried about the rest of that tree falling on that stupid fence, than I was a tornado hitting the house!
We called a tree service guy we like to come take down the rest of the tree, but apparently he's been so busy this week, we haven't heard from him yet.

It's so windy outside today, I'm afraid it's going to do what a tornado didn't. That tree is going to give me (even more) wrinkles.


Trina said...

I can't wait until later this month when we can try your newspaper pots! I am so excited!

I was also relieved when you posted that you guys were okay. Spring weather is crazy! Our 5 inches of snow will be gone by Tuesday and it will be in the 60s here. If you don't like the weather in WI, wait a minute or two, it'll change!


Melissa said...

So far the pots are holding together good despite being watered several times.
Still some weeks to go yet, though.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Heh, Georgia weather is the same way. Three days ago it was nearly 80*. Now we're under freeze warnings.

Heather said...

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Melissa said...

Hi, Heather! I typed your email address in at google and I see you posted this same statement to literally hundreds, maybe thousands other blogs. Since I doubt you just want to chit chat with that many people, I reckon you probably want to send ads to my email, so, yeah, I think I'll pass on emailing you at this time.

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