Monday, April 09, 2012


We went and spent the week and had Easter dinner and an egg hunt at my sister's. And that's all I have to say about that.

Unless you're interested in what I really have to say about it.


Amber said...

That's an awesome cake, you got mad skills, Girlfriend!!

Melissa said...

Ah heck, I meant to put that my sister made it. Guess I had other things on my mind at the time.

She did good, and it sure was good eating. I think a whole ear by myself before it was over, lol.

Trina said...

Are things going better??? (since your other post is down, I am hoping they are...)

Melissa said...

Thanks for asking :)

I usually reset my temper-tantrum posts back to Draft after a little while to not risk one of my family members stumbling over it.

It's happened before, mostly with my family genealogy blogs/site, but I have a cousin that does the coupon/deal shopping and she could end up finding my Shopper Blog, which my profile links to this blog, which has some links to the other blog.

Things have been going better. That's the nice thing about living a state apart.

As far as with FF, things have been going well. We've been working a lot on the house, which is usually a Battle Royale but here lately we've been on the same page. Weird.

Of course, I started today, and he made an ungodly mess of installing the screen door.
I swear I don't what it is that he does everything completely wrong this time of the month. He says it's me, but he did all the other work all the other days just fine, so I don't know how it's just me.

So now he's gone fishing and we're both glad :)

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