Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Update

Wow - from Zero to Progress! 

 Last week I mentioned I was dealing with some of my Depression issues....Long story short, I decided to quit fighting and just give in to it for a while.
I didn't want to, because I wasn't enjoying my Summer. Summer is my favorite Season because I like being HOT, and not having to worry about school crap.

Anyway, so I just put on some comfies (yoga pants and a boyfriend-T and fuzzy socks) and watched some TV. I rarely watch TV, usually only when I'm sick, or on special occasions like I love to watch Halloweentown High on Halloween, and in December I pretty much leave the Family Channel on constantly and watch (listen) to the Christmas movie Marathon.

On account of I'm attention deficit and lose interest during commercials, I watch movie channels that don't play commerials. We're getting Showtime free for a year from Dish, plus there's a few others like Encore, some I can't remember the names of. They play alot of older movies, but that's okay because I don't watch tv or movies much so I'm always behind anyhow.
On account of my lousy short-term memory, and that they play the same movies over and over and over and ov... er, I watched alot of movies I'd already seen, and now can't remember exactly which ones they were.

I think the only new one I watched was Burlesque, with Cher and Christine Aguilera. I enjoyed it. Didn't think I would.
Otherwise, sometime back (like a couple of years, or so) my Mom loaned me some Seasons of a Showtime TV series that I hadn't gotten around to watching, so I decided to go ahead and check that out. It's called Weeds, and is about a California Housewife whose husband dies, leaving them broke, and she starts selling weed to support her family.
I enjoyed the first couple of Seasons of the show, it was pretty funny...but season 4 I didn't like so much. Maybe Season 3, either (can't exactly remember).  I have season 5, but haven't even really cared to watch it. I said I was waiting for J to come home and be able to watch with me, since he watched the last couple of them with me, but, nah, I know me too well. If I had been excited to watch it, I would have.

But the show had some weird effect on me, both good and bad, lol. Good thing was, I toughed up and kicked the misery aside, and got off my arse and did some stuff.

Johnny had scheduled to be off from the Doc-in-the-box where he's works PT on Thursday to be able to go help an ailing co-worker, but then that got re-scheduled, so we found ourselves with two days in a row off. Sometimes that happens on weekends, too, but isn't really the same because the Landfill is closed on Sundays.
So on Wednesday, when I realized we had two days, I suggested for him to pull his truck under the window of the front room I was cleaning out upstairs so I could tear the rest of the ceiling on out and we could take it to the dump.  I had just been tearing it out in parts and pieces, filling up a can at a time and sneaking it a little at a time into the household garbage (which goes to the same darn place, so I don't what the biggie is).

It was kind of crazy; all this time I had just been up piddling around, moving a little here and a little there. And then all of a sudden like, in the spanse of one afternoon and one morning, the room is completely cleared of stuff, and the ceiling and carpet torn out and hauled off. Plus alot of junk that had been piled up on the carport.

(In case you missed it in previous posts, the front room upstairs used to be a 2nd level front porch that a previous owner enclosed to make a bedroom out of. When we moved in, it became a storage room, and I've decided I want to open it back up into a porch again.)

Oh, that bad part of it was, the show made me cuss like a ganksta for awhile. Yikes.

We also made some more progress on the outdoor building we're building Thursday afternoon.

Yesterday I canned 10 quarts and a pint of cucumber/pickles.
I didn't post it earlier, but sometime last week or the week before I canned another 10 pints of tomatoes, too.

Not much doing today. The boys are gone fishing, but it's started raining/thundering so I expect they'll be coming on back pretty soon.
Think I'll go find something good to eat on a rainy day to cook, and spend the afternoon in/on the bed again.


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I love seeing your photos of all the canned goodies! Yum...

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