Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm not in jail....and they let the AC they kicked out come back (although, lord only knows why he'd want to after what they pulled). 
I guess I'll quit calling our local rag - I mean paper - a spineless bunch of pansies, paling in the shades of gritty, real, old tyme reporting.

Our middle son turned 21 last weekend: he wanted a fire helmet, so that's what we bought him for his present. He wanted a Cairns because they are smaller and fit his tiny (brainless) little head, lol.

Once he turned 21, he wanted to go get his driver's license renewed so it didn't say UNDER 21 all over it anymore, and also to take the test for the FP license that allows him to drive the fire trucks.

So I said, since we're going, then our youngest is going to get his Learner's Permit.
Here in GA, one needs to be 15 to get  LP...K is 17.  He just never has had any interest in driving, or even learning how.  That'd be fine if we lived in a big city somewhere, with subways or a bus system, but we don't, and I don't want to see him end up like his certain ones of his relations that can't get themselves where they need to go without bumming and bugging someone else to have to cart their dumb butts around. 
I stayed on him to study and take the online practice tests, but secretly preparing myself for him to not pass, because he had so little interest in.

But he did pass.

We posed him in the car for this picture. He still has no interest or inclination to drive. R got him out that afternoon and took him around the block twice, and that had been it.

And by the way, R failed his test.
Since it was his idea to go, one would assume he would have studied for it, right?

The rest of the week has been non-productive while I give in to my depression issues for awhile.

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