Monday, May 30, 2016

Costco Kitchen Stool Make Over

I bought this stool at a yard sale back in the 1980's, before all the Pickers and Antiques tv shows, before Vintage was a Thing, and you could still get good deals on old stuff people didn't want anymore.

I paid $5.00 for the stool, took it home and spray painted it cobalt blue, completely. Chrome and all.

In the above pic, I had used Airplane Stripper to strip off as much of the blue spray paint as I could, and prior to working on removing the rust with a steel wool pad.

I hadn't remembered the stool was originally a light, soft-yellow color.
I think I had intended to re-paint it red, but decided to go back to the original color instead.

When shopping for the paint, I couldn't really find what seemed to be the original color, and almost went with turquoise instead.  Had the can in my hand.

In the end, I still decided to go with a nice, lemon-cake yellow.

I used tin foil and blue painters tape to tape off all the chrome, and spray-painted it.

Outside, it looks like Sunshine. Fresh and bright.

The spray paint was actually named Lemon Grass, but I just say it's lemon cake colored. Lemon grass isn't actually yellow, and lemon cake is yummy.

With its original step-cover things I don't know the name for, that say Costco on them.

Turned out right nice, if I do say so myself.

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