Tuesday, May 03, 2016


I just love gimmicky, kitschy stuff.
And I have loved Chias every since I started seeing them advertised on tv way back in the 1970's.

I never had one, though. My Mom wasn't into buying gimmicky, kitschy stuff, and then later on I think they went out of style for a while, and then when I started seeing them advertised again I thought the price was just way too much so I never would buy one, and no one ever gifted me one.

Forty years later (ack!) this little Chia Kitten came up on a FB Crazy Auction group I follow, and I got it for 50¢.

Even better, just as I was about to break down and drop $9.99 plus tax on a jar of Chia seeds on sale at the drug store, I happened across a jar at the food pantry I volunteer at, so I got it freeee.

I soaked it and applied the seeds on April 1st, and the below picture is of it today, May 3rd, so about a month.

The goofy thing is, in addition to just wanting a Chia (or Chias) for my own amusement, it was totally awesome that the one I got was a Kitten, because I had been looking into sprouting some kind of seeds or grass for our Kitty, because she kept digging into my house plants and biting the leaves, so I thought I'd get her her own greens she can bite or eat or whatever, that wouldn't be potentially poisonous for her.

She hasn't touched this thing.

Guess I'll end up feeding the sprouts to the Chickens.
Anyway, I enjoyed the growing of them, and watching the Kitten "grow" fur. 

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