Thursday, May 05, 2016

Blackberry Winter

A little later than I expected - and after some days of days of "Record high" temps I'd almost decided that either I was wrong about the last cold snap being Dogwood Winter or that Blackberry Winter was going to skip us this year - but no, and no. Blackberry Winter has arrived.

The temp dipped down to the low 40's last night, so no issues with frost or freezing, just chilly. My furnace kicked on this morning. Funny to think, just not too long ago I was considering turning on the A/C. I've had the windows open for a few weeks, but it got h-o-t hot for awhile there. I thought Summer had arrived.

Summer isn't far.
 It'll still technically be Spring for another month and a half (June 21st), but here, we'll be back up to 85° F in about three days.

PS, I have a tomato crop.
I took this pic 4 days ago; the tomatoes are larger, and there's even more of them now. 

You might can see in the background, I got my fishing-line-and-tin-can "fence" up.
We already had a deer visitor(s) in the garden a couple or few weeks ago.

Last year, when the tomato garden was still up closer to the back porch, I put the fishing-line fence up and also left on the back flood lights, so we weren't sure if it was the fence, or the light that kept them out after.
There's not a light down where the garden is now (I've considered getting a solar flood light to hang on the chicken coop, aimed at the garden, but haven't done it yet), anyway, so far either it/they just haven't come back, or else the fishing-line-and-tin-can fence is doing the job.

View of Chicken Coop from Garden
PPS, the peppers (that are left) have blooms, but no fruit yet.

My corn and one row of cucumbers are coming up.
Two rows of cukes, and the one row of squash don't appear to be doing anything, but I'm not surprised. I knew when I planted them that the seeds were old and might not work.

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