Sunday, May 03, 2015

I Don't Think I'm Insane, But...

Most insane people don't know they're insane, either, right? So, chances are, I may be completely off my rocker.

What happened was, back in February I'd posted that things had not gone all that well in January, and that I (thought I) had saw *something* in the house.

So I did the Smudge ritual to try to cleanse out any bad spirits or mojo or whatever, and things turned right around.

Yeah, well, that lasted about a week or two at most, then things started going south again.
I figured the Smudge was probably a useless endeavor, that there's no real hoo-doo-ery involved, just a bad case of "$h!t happens". 
Plod on.

At some point I can't exactly remember, I started seeing *something* again, mostly when sitting here at my desk in my bedroom. I'd catch of glimpse of something in the hallway outside my door and look up, thinking it was one of the boys. But there'd be nothing there.

I didn't really give it much thought, passed it off as shadows of birds flying by the window outside, or a power surge, or my eyes are tired.

But then, last Wednesday, I was out in the yard, scraping and sanding the storage room door to get ready for repainting.

I was up on an about 4-foot ladder, scraping the top of the door trim. I was working/looking to the right, but when I looked back towards the center of the whole piece of trim, out of the side of my eye to the left, I saw Someone right beside me, coming at me.

It startled me so bad, I nearly fell off the ladder.
I dropped the scraper, and bent to grab on to the top of the ladder to keep from falling off.

But when I looked up again, there was nothing there.
Not to mention, I was standing about 3-feet off the ground.

I can't tell you what the thing looked like, I only have a vague impression of a person. Male, I think, but that's about it.
There was no color, or, it was like the color when you look at a picture of something then close your eyes. Bright on dark.

It freaked me out.

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