Saturday, May 30, 2015

Restoring Cast Iron Pans

For a change, this wasn't my doings.
J found these cast iron pans for sale on one of the FB sale groups and decided we needed them, or even if we didn't, we could sell them and make our money + more back.

(I don't know why the picture uploaded upside-down. I even turned it upside-down and saved it and re-uploaded it, but it still uploaded upside-down. Shrug.)

I started with the three smaller pans, a Lodge, and two of unknown make, and put them in my oven on the self-cleaning cycle. 

(Notice my oven hasn't been cleaned in a awhile. Probably since the last time I cleaned cast iron pans, lol.)

The self-cleaning cycle ran for 4 hours and 20 minutes, then I let the pans cool down before taking them out.

I scrubbed the burnt gunk and rust off of them with dish soap and a steel wool scrubber. 

I coated them with a light coating of Bacon Grease, then put them back in the oven on 400° for an hour.
Not sure if that was the right temp/time. I read so many websites, with so much different advice today.

The pans came out of the oven looking, not too good.

But I gave them another coating of Bacon Grease, and they looked a lot better.
I think I need to grease/bake/grease/bake a few more times.

Bonus, clean oven.

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