Friday, March 27, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Then there was the day my youngest son said, "You should make a giant cookie cake".

I used to buy a giant cookie "cake" for one of the boys' birthday every so often, but since they're grown up now, and besides I quit buying/started making cakes myself, we (they) haven't had a giant cookie in a long time.

So, I looked up a recipe and set about making a giant cookie....cake.

If you'll notice in the recipe it says to use a 9-inch cake pan or pie dish. 
And then notice in the photos for the recipe, how the cookie looks to be about 1-inch thick. 

I decided to use my (8 or 10-inch, I'm not sure) cast iron pan, which worked out great! The cookie was delicious!  It was also about 3 inches thick!

I sliced K a regular "cake slice" size of cookie, and it was like feeding him 8-10 regular chocolate chip cookies at once. LOL, but holy moly.
He loved it, but in smaller quantities at a time.

I had some left-over birthday cake frosting in the freezer I set out to let thaw while I was making the cookie-cake and letting it cool.

I used a piece of wax paper and one of my cake-decorating tips to "decorate" the cookie-cake just for fun. 

Next time, I would say I would look for a 12-inch cookie, or pizza pan with an edge, but I'm not about buying a special pan (or other kitchen items) to do a job that something I already have can do. So I think next time I'll divide the recipe in half (or maybe even thirds) to make it not as thick.


Amber said...

It look perfect!

Melissa said...

Thanks, it was yummy. He says I have to keep making them now.

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