Saturday, July 06, 2013

My Week

or two? I have lost all concept of time and Days of the Week now. Lost several days after my surgical procedure while I was taking Vicodin and sleeping a lot. Drugs knock me out.

And then it started raining. It's been raining for three, or maybe more, days now. I know, not as many days as it has been raining on others, but it's not a competition, merely a statement that the gray, dreary, rainy days make me lazy and sleepy. I've been laying around reading a lot.

I also started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.
I never had watched it before. No real reason, just wasn't interested.
I'm not much of a tv watcher anyway. What little I do watch, I prefer movies, with a beginning and an ending. With tv shows, I tend to lose interest before it's done.

I don't know what made me decide to up and watch SOA the other day -

Oh, now I remember. One of the books I read this week was Kristen Ashley's latest release Fire Inside , and I liked it.

I've read most of her other books, and mostly enjoyed them, but I can't honestly say I really liked them, mainly because I can't hardly process her style of writing. My mind isn't that acrobatic.
I did like Fire Inside , though. It's her third "Chaos" Motorcycle Club novel...well, technically we were introduced to "Chaos" several books ago, and officially brought in in the last "Dream Man" book so this is actually only the second "Chaos" story, but anyway, I seem to recall having maybe heard or read that the books were similar to or the idea came from the SOA series.
Then I was interested in checking out the show.

It's an okay show, I guess.  Not a huge fan of blonde guys, his droopy pants, or how awful their postures are while riding their motorcycles, with their shoulders up around their ears. Kills me. Sit the heck up straight, lol.
I kindly also expected more raunchy, hard core sex. And the f-word.

The weather was terrible for the 4th, it was rainy and kindly chilly and all the fireworks shows around us were cancelled. I fixed chicken-gravy & toast and we stayed in and lounged around in our pjs all day.
It seemed more like a Saturday than  Holiday.

Then J was off yesterday, too. We piddled around and worked on a kitchen project. So when he had to get up and go to work this morning, I thought it was Monday.

A dreary, nasty rainy Monday. I didn't have anywhere to be (that I knew of) so I laid in bed watching SOA episodes.
Ryan came down and said he was going to meet a guy about buying a gun scope...during that conversation I learned it was actually Saturday - not Monday, and recalled that I had needed to go to the grocery store to shop the Mega Sale one last time before it ended this week, so I got up and dressed and rode along with him.

The Mega Sale deal was "Buy 10 get $5.00 off" participating items. That made the pizzas 79¢, the Country Time and Kool-Aid 99¢, the Green Giant frozen veggies 99¢, and the cereal $1.99 each.

I had $1.00/2 coupons for the drink mix, making them 49¢ each, $1.00/3 on the Green Giant veggies making them about 66¢ each, $1.00/3 and $1.00/5 the pizzas making them 46¢ or 59¢ each.
For the cereal I had coupons ranging from $1.00 or 33¢ off, but I also bought a couple of boxes for the full $1.99 price because that's still a really good price. Sometimes I pay around that much for a smaller box of non-name-brand cereal at Aldi.

The Tostito's salsa's were free, and the Jelly Cream pies I bought because I don't have nearly enough flab on my thighs, lol.

I haven't tallied my transactions yet, but I'm pretty sure I saved at least 70%.

While we were in Carrollton, we visited a favorite store of ours, Robinson's Salvage.
Different from thrift stores with used merchandise, Robinson's sells new items that have been sold as salvage or close-outs.

We used to keep a set of jumper cables in each of our vehicles, but somehow they have all managed to disappear and we've been needing some. We found a set (looked for more but didn't find any) priced $6.00 with 40% off, making them only $3.60.

The Stanley brackets and hinges were marked $2.00 and $3.00-some-odd-change, so I only paid $1.00-something each for those. Hoping they'll work with our recent kitchen project.

And then I happened to see the fire department purse.
I don't purse shop, so it had to be the fire department emblems on it that caught my attention.

The purse was marked $20.00, with 60% off, so I expected to pay $8.00 for it, but turned out it was 70% off, so it was only $6.00. Sweet.

I didn't even know until I got home and was checking it out that it came with a zip-up make-up bag and a cellphone holder with a fire engine on them.

Before anyone asks, like the jumper cables, it was the only one we could find. For the price I would have definitely bought several to either re-sell or give as gifts.

Last but not least, despite my lazing around this past week or so, I managed to score a large bag of fabrics and a Valance for Free from Freecycle.

Most of it is pillow-panel and quilt blocks material. I don't need pillows, nor do I quilt, so I'll likely pass those along to someone else, my Mom or Sister or maybe my cousin who said she was signed up for a sewing class at the local recreation-education thing. These would make good practice sewing for her.

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