Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goodwill Find

Yesterday we were out running some errands and I wanted to stop by the Goodwill to look for traveling coffee cups (insulated cups with lids) and Tall coffee mugs. I have regular size coffee mugs, but with our Keurig, the guys like to make Tall cups of coffee, and we only had 2 Tall cups...

Anyway...blah blah...sitting on the end shelf was this vintage white and black enamelware soup pot.

Kind of a funny find. At Christmas, my Mom gave me a vintage yellow with black enamelware pot.

No, I don't collect enamelware pots, or even enamelware at all. I'm not sure why my Mom got me the pot. (Probably she got it for herself then decided she didn't want it, lol.)

Anyway, I was just like, "Oh look, a pot like mine, only a little bigger and a different color". That was about the extent of my interest in it.

Until I looked at the price. Get this: $1.21.

That doesn't look dramatic enough - Get this: ONE DOLLAR and TWENTY ONE CENTS!

How could I *not* buy it? Well, I couldn't not, of course. Not at that price.
And, it'll look nice on my vintage red/white enamel-counter Sweetheart cabinet:

But this has to be it. No more. I am not collecting enamelware pots. Period.

Some years ago, I ended up with a Pedestal Compote Bowl, like this one:

I don't remember which color I got first - white, blue, red, clear - or where I got it from.  But after that, I kept finding the things at yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets, for like $1.00.  I remember, I didn't especially want to collect these, so whenever we saw one, I'd say I wouldn't pay more than $1.00 for it. And yet, I ended up with six.
Finally I had to say I wouldn't even pay a penny for them, and quit buying them, period.

Now I see them in antique stores priced at $15.00 +.

Anyway, I hope it's not going to be some crazy thing like that with enamelware pots now, lol.


Fire Wife Katie said...

Nice find!! And I love your little kitchen cabinet. <3

Melissa said...

Thanks, Katie :)

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