Saturday, February 09, 2013


Well, we've talked about it for a good always seemed better in theory than actual practice, I think.  We had even started building a chicken coop (but then got into an argument over the design and it became an abandoned project).

Several days ago, a tornado hit in the county to the north-east of us and tore through two counties doing some terrible damage.  It ended up tearing up some commercial chicken houses. (Chickens grown for the grocery store, I think.)

I'm not sure why the chickens were no longer viable after the storm, why they couldn't still be raised or whatever, but at any rate, the chicken grower wanted to give away the chickens, or said he would have to kill them.
Someone told J's cousin about it. He already has a few chickens and wanted to get some more, but he has glaucoma and can't see to drive very well so he called J to ask him to take him up there to get some chickens.
Since we had talked about getting some chickens anyway, J said sure, he'd drive him, and get us some chickens, too.

They ended up getting three cages full. Currently they're imprisoned (looks like they are in prison with the bars to the right side of the pic) at Cousin's place, but when we get us a chicken coop built or made or whatever then we'll bring a few home. And hopefully be eating our own fresh eggs soon!


374's Wife said...

COOL! I've always wanted chickens, but we live in town. It may have had to do with a contamination/disease issue. They safety/health of the birds could have been in question.

Melissa said...

Unless there's a specific ordinance against chickens (like the Communist City of Roswell, Georgia)( you should be able to raise a couple hens in your backyard.

It's getting to be a new, popular thing these days. A lot of people are getting a couple chickens to raise for fresh, organic eggs.

My sister mentioned the other day she was thinking about getting a couple of chicks at Easter. I don't know about that, because I don't know how to "sex" them to figure out which ones are male or female. Don't want no rooster(s). Although one of my neighbors down the street has a rooster or maybe more. I like hearing it crow. But I'm not sure my closer neighbors would appreciate us having one here.
That's one reason we're not in a big hurry to bring our chickens home, until we can tell which ones are hens.

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