Monday, February 25, 2013


Yep, I'm at that again. Nope, it's still not any easier.

Sometimes I get so aggravated I think, I'm just going to put all this stuff into a box and donate it off and be done with it!

Of course, once I actually get there and start sorting the stuff, it's just not that easy.
I might need/want it later, or, I'm an idiot for just giving away these perfectly good things I could be selling and earning a couple bucks off of.
No, they aren't worth much, but I have so much stuff that if I sold everything for $1.00 each, I'd have a fair bit!

Oh, and lord-a-mercy, the Sentimental stuff.

I wasn't upstairs probably ten minutes, just getting started good, when I ran into boxes of the boys trophies/medals/plaques/awards.

For one crazy minute I had it in my mind that I was going to get rid of that stuff. Period. Gone. Done.
Except, no way I could throw them in the trash. Even if they weren't my boys things, they are still way too good an item to throw in the garbage!
So I came down stairs and googled to try to find out what other people did with their old trophies.

Most threw them in the garbage, many donated them to the Salvation Army or schools or churches or other organizations that will re-use them.

They suggested taking photos of the trophies, then removing the nameplate to keep.

I found this website, where this lady bought an old frame at the Goodwill and fixed it up and made a display for her husband's medals and trophy nameplates.

Saving Old Trophies and Medals

I thought this was a pretty good idea, but when I went back to start sorting and getting them ready for photographing, I felt....I guess it was an anxiety attack. I felt like panicking.

I don't know why I am like this about stuuuuuuff.

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