Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fireman Helmets and Photography

J got issued a new "lid" at work: a new helmet. He sure was/is proud of it. Had a laugh when they ran a call and his new helmet had to ride up in the front of the truck with them, LOL.

The next day he brought it home to show us.
I had seen some lovely pics that others (with some real artistic talent) had taken, so I attempted to try my own artsy-fartsy type set-ups. Out of lots attempts, this is one of the better ones

I wanted him to pose wearing it, but he's a terrible model. He can't relax and look natural and gets aggravated when I try to tell him to turn this way or that, makes goofy faces. Ryan had him laughing in this one and I liked it better than all the ones he 'posed' for.

Yes, that is smoke drifting up behind him, lol. Ryan had our fire pit thing lit earlier and it was sitting there and he thought it would make a good "prop" to have smoke wafting up in the background.

While we were out messing with "photo ops" last night, I found out Ryan has all these cool photos effects on his phone, like Vignette, Distortion, depth-to-field and some others. Kinda pisses me off than my nearly $200 digi-cam doesn't have kewl stuff like that.

I know I have Photo-Shop-Pro on my PC, but I'm not good at visualizing taking photos to be able to edit a certain way later.

Ryan owns his own helmet, and had ordered a front shield for it, and it finally got here.
I had gotten him interested in making the artsy type photos of their gear, so he wanted me to help him set up a Scene.
We have this vintage old screen door (J was supposed to be restoring for me) propped up out on the carport and Ryan liked the look of it, so we set his stuff up in front of it.

These are pictures he took with his cellphone camera.

Ryan saying "Don't take a picture of me!" and blinding me with his helmet-light.


Trina said...

I do the same thing when his bunker gear is home! He just shakes his head at me! LOL

Melissa said...

LOL, they just don't understand, do they.

The Smoke Eater's Wife said...

It's unbelieveable the difference between cell phone cameras and digials! I can completely see a phase out of digitals!
I love the first cell phone pic of the helmet - bad ass!

Melissa said...

Well in all honesty my digi-cam would probably take better pictures if I had sense enough to know how to use it and be able to take advantage of it's features, lol.

But yeah, cameras on phones keep getting better, there won't be much reason to carry a digi-cam, too.

Ryan says "Thanks".
He says his came out looking better, he thinks, because his shield is no new and still bright red, the camera was picking out the colors better. His Dad's shield is about 15 years old and sooty.

Thanks for visiting! I checked out your blog and am following you! Love the "I Love you because..." post!

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