Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Movie Week(s)

Back in December during some of my Coupon/Deal Shopping, there was a big deal with Orville Redenbacher Popcorn, Sodas and Redbox.

Long story short, while digging through some old coupons recently, I found a lot of free Redbox rental codes I had cut out from inside the Orville boxes. 48 codes all together. Expiring Sept 30th.

I've been giving some away, but I've also been going and renting (2) a day for myself.
I wish I had been renting (2) a week since December, so I wouldn't have to feel like I'm gorging on movie-watching, since I'm not generally much of a tv/movie watcher.

These are the movies I've seen so far:
  • American Breakdown - Stupid!
  • Rango - Cute
  • Thor - Okay
  • The Score - Old, had already seen, but Okay
  • Lincoln Lawyer - Good
  • Insidious - Not really scary, but Okay 
  • Red Riding Hood - Good
  • Limitless - Good
  • Dylan Dog - Meh
  • Drive Angry - See Below
I got Drive Angry on the recommendation of a guy at the Redbox machine.
I was waiting for him to finish, and he asked me which movies I had that I was returning, because he was looking for one that wasn't in at the moment. I didn't have the one he was looking for, but he had seen one I was returning and we chatted about it (he hadn't liked it; I thought it was okay.)

So then he says that Drive Angry movie was a good one, if I hadn't seen it, which I hadn't, because I thought it was a movie about a car, and I'm not all that car crazy. But I have usually enjoyed Nick Cage movies, so I said what the heck, I'll give it a shot. It's free, so I'm not out anything if I don't like it.

Turns out the movie is very violent, lots of blood and gore, sex, strong language.

I liked it, it was pretty kick-ass.  But it makes me wonder, what it is that I was apparently projecting that would make a guy think I'd enjoy a movie like that? Not your typical housewife and Mom persona, I"m guessing.
Do I look like someone that enjoys sex, violence, fast cars and...stuff like that?

I never thought so, but it'd be cool if so.
And without even needing tattooes and piercings!

BTW, I still have a good many free codes left, so if anyone wants a couple, send me an email to missi at bellsouth dot com.

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