Friday, September 09, 2011





Fire Wife said...


Melissa said...


Cynthia said...

Look at you; your hair looks GREAT!!! I love the new look on you! It seems everyone is just into getting their hair cut right now. I'm still going to be slightly jealous of your straight hair though, if that's okay with you. ;)

Melissa said...

LOL, okay.
My Mom will be jealous of your curly.
My straight hair has driven her bonkers my whole life, I guess. She's got pictures of me when I was like three years old with a head full of hair curlers.
She took me to get a perm when I was around 13, I ended up looking like an Orphan Annie Bozo the Clown kind of thing. It was a disaster!

Not too long ago, maybe at Christmas? I can't remember, anyway, she divided my wet hair all up into sections and made little spirals-circles and bobby-pinned them and made me sleep with them in all night. Took them out the next day, and not so much as even a wave, lol.

Cynthia said...

Ha! Ha! That sounds like my girls. If I have to curl their hair for a performance or something, the ripples have even gone flat after ten minutes, despite heavy gelling before curl-drying and hairspray galore too.

And what's wrong with" the Orphan Annie Bozo the Clown kind of thing?" You just described my childhood. ;D

Melissa said...

Really? Is curls a recessive gene? I think all my boys got at least some curl in their hair, despite my stick-straightness.

My oldest son has bright orange hair, and when it grows out, it makes large curls and goes every which a way. He really looks like he has flames growing out of his head sometimes. (Which kinda fits his evil-ness, lol)

My hair used to be bright orange, too, before it darkened in my old age. Orange hair wasn't that popular back when I went to school, so that was torture enough - along with braces and glasses - without the Annie/Bozo thing thrown in, LOL.

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