Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Gardening (Attempt)

So I decided I wanted to try some Fall Gardening this year. We've pretty well got regular gardening down, I think, time to try something new.
I went through the seed packets I already had, and apparently the only colder-weather seeds I had were Cabbage (yum) and Collards (yuck).

I had been trying to get to Walmart to get some of the Peat Pods I usually start my seeds in, but when we finally remembered about it, they were all out. So I put some Miracle Gro potting soil in the trays and sowed the seeds like that. I covered the trays with Saran Wrap (to create a greenhouse effect) and sat them on the kitchen window sill so they'd get morning sun.

Just a few days later, I had sprouts! Usually it's a couple weeks until sprouts.

Cabbage and Collards
Can you tell which is cabbage, and which is collards? I can't!

I moved them outside today to start hardying them for outdoor temps before planting them in the garden.


Cynthia said...

Your sprouts look like they're doing quite well. I love cabbage too, but I've always run out of time to eat it all when my FIL has grown it. I just heard about the health benefits of fermenting it though and now I wish I had grown some for fall so I could try it.

Melissa said...

It might not be too late. Mine aren't even in the ground yet.
I think they are fairly chill-hardy, and if it's supposed to come a frost, I can put pots or something over the plants to protect them.

I grew some cabbage in my summer garden, but something ate them up, some kind of bug or worm. I hope that doesn't happen with these.

If we end up with alot, we will make sauerkraut out of it. John's friend told him how.

But I found out today what John is really hoping to get out our fall garden: he said he hoped it attracted the deer from across the road to come over here.
I said, well if they do, I hope they like collards and not cabbage.

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