Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow Day, Baby Chick

It's pretty hard to predict exactly what the weather is going to do, which is why I typically prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

We were supposed to get less snow than those to the East of us, but we ended up getting more. (Not that that's saying much.) What you can't see is the layer of ice under the snow. 

The sun came out and melted the snow, but the temps didn't get above freezing, so the melted snow re-froze into ice.
There were A LOT of wrecks, because people thought it was "just snow", I guess.

 The temps stayed below freezing for - if I remember rightly - about 2 more days, then Global Warming set in.

 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's temps all within just a few days. Winter to Spring, in like three days.

Which was amazingly conveniently just in time for our new baby chick to hatch into nice, mild temps.

I knew he (I just feel like it's a He, hopefully I'm wrong) was due to be born January 12th, which generally would be chilly if not downright cold weather.
I had been worrying over it - I'll spare you the details, I worry a lot - but Thankfully, it just worked out.

Haha, little troublemaker! I went to check on them this afternoon and heard him/her peeping excitedly, but I couldn't find him/her in the cage. Then I noticed it was inside the feeder jar! LOL!

This chick is a  - well, Bantam-Cochin-Frizzle/Sizzle-something or other. At any rate, it's super tiny, about the size of a golf ball.

Long story, but he/she was hatched and is being raised by a regular size, Easter Egger hen. 

We're looking at mild temps through the rest of the week - highs of from 65° to 71°, lows in the 50's. Looks like it'll be overcast and dreary, with chances of rain here and there.
Fine by me. I like it warm, and we can use the rain. 

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