Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Farmlet Garden

Our little garden is doing pretty well this year.

For what reason I can't remember now, we moved the garden back down to the original location in the lower back yard....about the furthest point from the water hose...and of course we're having somewhat of a drought this year.
I have 3 water hoses stretched across the yard, and water up to twice a day.

We had lost about half of the peppers we'd planted early on, not sure what happened to those. I wasn't sure if I'd planted them too early, but apparently not. The remaining peppers started producing very nicely, and the Early Girl tomatoes produced well.

The Goliath tomatoes have started turning this past week or so, and the Black Russians have a good many tomatoes on stalk, just waiting for them to ripen up. 

I was able to make nearly a pint of Pico de Gallo (fresco salsa) from most of our first harvest (J ate several of the tomatoes before I could get them).

Squash to the left of the trellis, cucumbers to the right, corn behind.

My fishing-line-and-coke-can deer fence has apparently worked very well, and we've had no deer visitors eating up the tomatoes.

I only planted one row of squash, and three rows of cucumbers, but only one row of cukes came up. All the seeds were old(er) and I wasn't sure any of them would come up at all, so we've gotten a few squash and cucumbers here and there.
J gave some squash to the neighbor, and grilled some with burgers yesterday.
I plan to make some dill pickles when I get a few cukes saved up.

It seems like I'm seeing a good bit more bees around this year than previously.  I'm not sure if being further from the house leaves them more undisturbed, or maybe they were there all along and I just didn't see them.  Whichever, I'm glad to see them.

The corn patch is coming along well so far. The plants are tall and looking good, and ears of corn are growing, but it's hard to be too excited until we can actually break open the ears and see they weren't demolished by worms.

Got the pool opened and going. It's very nice on these hot, humid Georgia June days.

The fountain is my favorite.  I love the trickling water sound of it.

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