Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Farm Art

So, do you ever decide to make an art project, then after getting started, remember that you're not an artist?

Yeah, that happens to me all the time.

What happened was,  I saw this picture of an artsy decorated chicken coop wall on Pint.

I said, that's totally cool, and I have a big blank wooden wall just like that in my chicken coop. It needs art!

But I'm not too good with randomness. Hanging just whatever I can find to hang in there, with no particular association.
(Maybe the art in the coop in the picture has an association to chicken and I'm just not imaginative enough to discern it?)

Anyway, I wanted chicken art for my coop.

I had obtained this large, wooden artsy piece in my freebie-collecting, but it wasn't really my style.

It had this square, wooden, shadow-box-like frame around the back side. I just popped the picture part out, and saved this for another project (I'll probably never get around to) later.

I spray-painted the picture part black.  (Those wrinkles were in it, not my sad painting skills).

All I really knew was that I wanted a chicken on it. So I printed out a chicken, and made a stencil.

And spray-painted a chicken on it.

And....that's it. 

After it was done, I thought I should have moved the chicken over, or turned it around, then I could have put some little chicks behind it.
Maybe I could put some chicks in front of her, although I think that would be backwards.

I did have one (finally!) project that worked out.

I have a box of rusted old metal pieces and parts and doo-dads and such, and there was this old, rusted aluminum(?) frying pan.  (Frying pan = chicken, get it?)

I have no idea where I was going with it when I spray painted the inside of it white.

But after some meditating on it, I finally had an idea.

I cut a "splat" shape from paper and taped it down, and spray painted the pan black.

When I pulled the paper off and painted a "yolk" in the middle, voila', fried egg.

I left the back side old and rusted, in case I want a different look sometime.

Hung up in the chicken coop.

My kid said it was cruel, but chickens don't know what a fried egg is, geez.
He asked was I going to put a picture of Colonel Sanders in there, too. I said, I will if I find one.

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