Monday, April 04, 2016

Around the Farmlet

It's that time of year again....
"Your mower broke?"
"Yard's lookin' a little rough there, sister."

Nope, look closer.

There's beautiful yellow butter cups,

Blankets of white and purple violets,

Beautiful purple violets,

Lots of lovely and interesting Grape Hyacinth,

And bouquets and bouquets of beautiful Star of Bethlehem,

Don't tell the others, but these are my favorites, Shhhh....

The bees like them, too.

I really wish I could take better pictures. My pictures don't capture the real beauty I see with my eyes.
Then again, maybe it's not the pictures, but my vision.
I see beauty, others see an over-grown, scraggedly yard.

Oh well. Whatever. It's my yard, I'll do what I want to.
Anyway, the bees love it, so, pfffft on everyone else.

J has got the garden spot tilled up.
We decided to go back down in the back yard to the old garden area that's mostly been laying fallow for a few years.
I'm not exactly sure why.
I'm pretty sure the reason the tomatoes and peppers didn't do too good in the upper yard was a combination of my mistakes, and the deer visitors last year.

I bought tomatoes and peppers from a local nursery this year, instead of trying to raise my own from seed (mostly because I didn't start them early enough when I wanted to), so maybe they'll do better.
If I can keep the deer out of it.

Otherwise, we've gotten a few home improvement projects done (or, rather, worked at, because we rarely seem to finish anything).

Finished wiring up more lights in the carport, got the plywood taken down from carport ceiling put back up. Finished screwing up one piece that had never gotten finished getting screwed up after getting more screws, and got the vinyl siding trim put back up, so that's finally done.
Repaired a crack in the cement/concrete front porch with cement filler. Cased in the front porch column we replaced (last year).

I have been working on cleaning off the carport and back porch. Getting rid of a lot of stuff, or putting stuff back where it goes, because someone (not me, this time) is bad about not putting stuff back where they got it.

One of the things on the back porch was an old screen door I've had for years. It had been on one of my great-Aunt's 1950's houses (she had two, next door to each other). She gave it to my Mom when she updated. Mom just had it in their construction storage area, where they keep building materials for in case they might need/want it in a later project (that's where I get that from).
I had mentioned about wanting to put a screen door between my mudroom and laundry room, I was just going to go buy a cheap wooden one from HD, but Mom said I could have that one.

Some of the slats were loose, and eventually fell out...somehow. Not sure how they came out, because we couldn't put them back in without taking the door partially apart.

Anyhoo, I had asked J to fix the door for years and years, but he never got around to it, so I said, forget it, I don't need the slats in it anyway. I'll call it "character".
So I took the door out and set it up on saw horses and painted it.

When J saw me out there painting it, here he came with his hammer and the missing slats, and fixed the door.

Then we learned how to use Double-action-spring-hinges. Lawd how mercy, chile. I thought one of us was going to have to go to college and get a degree in engineering before we ever figured the things out.

Anyway, here it is from the mudroom view (don't look at all the stuff, it piles up and I have to clean it out, but haven't gotten around to it yet). 
(Is it just me, or does the door look backwards?)

I need to get a handle, and figure something out to...I don't know, jazz it up or something? Curtain? Something? Idk, I'm not too good at these things.

From the laundryroom side.

Tuesday we plan to plant the tomatoes, peppers, etc., and maybe get some work done on the chicken house (the exterior still needs work, and some shelving inside), maybe some yard work.
I keep wanting to burn the brush piles, but it's been pretty windy for a long while....or at least it has been on the days I want to burn, which is, a day J is home, because, TBH, I'm afraid of fire.

Well, not fire per se, but what it can do if it gets out of control and burns down the whole neighborhood.
Hey, don't laugh. Not long ago a man burning in a barrel, the fire got away and burnt a few houses and got into an auto junkyard. Can you imagine? Ugggh!

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