Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whine: I'm Depressed

Don't you love it when you tell someone you're depressed and their response is, "You need to cheer up!"?

Kind of like a while back when I told my parents that every decision I've made in my whole life has been the wrong one, so now I pretty much just don't make decisions anymore.
Their advice?
"You need to start making better decisions."

Really? Gosh, wish I had thought of that myself, it would have saved me a lot of regret and heartache.

I know people mean well, but if it was that easy, don't they think I would just "cheer up", or would choose to make the right decisions instead?

I don't know why I'm depressed. I don't want to be. I pretend I'm not. I tell myself I'm not.

I love Summer, the hot weather, my backyard. I just want to enjoy it and be peaceful.
Is it too much to ask?
Especially when there's nothing really wrong. Or nothing new, anyway.

I mentioned a few days ago that deer got into our garden and ate a lot of tomatoes.
I put a stop to that, and have been getting some tomatoes now, about 3-5 a day. I've canned 6 pints of stewed tomatoes now, for chili and vegetable soup this Winter.

Have gotten some peppers, too, but the Salsa making hasn't worked out so far. Just can't seem to get my ducks - or rather my tomatoes, peppers, onion and Cilantro - in a row.

So, the deer found the 3 Sisters garden and pretty demolished the corn.
But, it doesn't matter because that garden was failing anyway.
Apparently you're supposed to make holes in the weed barrier fabric underneath where you want your plant to root, it doesn't bio-degrade.
I guess the corn couldn't get through the fabric to root in the ground, so when the pole beans started climbing, over the corn went.
The corn wasn't growing very well anyway, I guess because all it had to feed it was the mound of compost/topsoil on top of the weed fabric.

Why don't I know these things?  My people were farmers, FFS.

Oh well, I'm learning.
I've been keeping up with my Gardening Journal I actually started this year, so next year I'll actually be able to remember the things I've learned this year.

I mentioned before that I've tried to grow pumpkins for, like, years, and something always happens to them.
This year I planted little "Jack-Be-Little" miniature pumpkins - and thought they were a fail before they even started growing.
They ended up doing okay - not great but, given my track record, pretty darn good.

I got about 10 little pumpkins altogether, so I think that's pretty good for me.

My vines quit producing - not sure if because of the heat, or if they got squash vine borers - anyway today I pulled up all the old vines and replanted new seeds. All goes well, I should have some more little pumpkins for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, lol, I ended up in the "Halloween Spirit" somehow the other day.

What was funny about it was, the next day my Sister saw my Pins on Pinterest and she was like, that's funny, she was looking at Halloween stuff, too, getting some ideas to make decorations and had even ordered my niece a Halloween costume.

I spent several hours on Pinterest looking at Halloween ideas (reading Boards and Blogs)(regretting the $5 bassinet I passed up last month that I could make into a Creepy baby thing).

I saw some pictures of black cats/kittens on or with pumpkins and such, and as you may remember, we just got a black kitten a couple weeks ago.
By October she's not going to be as little and cute as she is now, so I decided to drag the Halloween stuff out of the attic and set up a photo shoot.

Ryan helped. We're not the best photographers, and Kiki won't hardly be still or pose nice for the camera.
The pictures still need editing, also some of the pictures were taken using a green screen so he can add in backgrounds, but he started his new job this week and hasn't had time to work on it...

Anyway, here's a sampling:

I grew those little pumpkins!

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