Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Addition

Meet our new little rat catcher kitten, named...uhh, Kiki, I guess.

As in, "Heeeeeere, Kikikikikiki". lol.

We're not too good at naming our pets apparently.
Our last cat was called Kitty.
He had had a name at the pound where we got him, "Tod", but Santa brought Kitty as a kitten to Kev for Christmas that year, so we left the naming up to him.
We had a bet he'd go with "Snowball" since Kitty was all white, but he fooled us, he picked "Snowflake", LMAO.

Anyway, we never called him Tod or Snowflake, just Kitty.

Speaking of which, "The Girls", aka "Chickie Chickie", says to tell you all, "Bok bok".

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