Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good, Bad, & Ugly

*Warning: Rant, and potentially offensive to some*

{Random musings} (Sort of)
(Knowing me, it'll probably be more like rambling musings.)

I can't remember it exactly, but it seems there is a...prediction, or prophecy, where 'good will be seen as bad, bad will be seen as good', something like that.

It may have been a Bible thing (yeah sorry, I know, my religious teachings are sadly lacking), or maybe it was some other story I read, but either way, I feel like this is a thing, happening now, and like I'm the only one that realizes there's anything wrong.

There's so many things....
Once upon a time, people that worked and took care of their family and did well for themselves were respected members of Society.

Now, people that do well for themselves are considered the dregs of Society. Greedy, hateful, "Corporatists".

Or people that do for themselves at all.
People who don't take charity are sneered down at if they aren't "giving back", even if by not taking hand-outs means they live hand-to-mouth most of the time.

"Giving back" doesn't even mean that. People who earn their money are expected to "give back", but the people who are being given to are not.

If you did good in school (or at least graduated), got a college education (or even if not), and work a good- or decent-paying job, you're a bad, bad person.

If you dropped out of high school, have three or four kids by as many different baby-daddy/mamas, "likes to par-tay", and works (if at all) at Walmart, you're a mf'ing Saint and you "deserve" better.

If you go to Church or call yourself a Christian at all, now you are the EVIL.
And that's not from islamists or muslims or whatever, but your own fellow people.

And, if you live your life free of Victimhood of some variety, and/or are not Highly Offended on behalf of all the other Victims, you're an uncaring, un-empathetic, judgmental Racist that condones slavery, women as chattel, and internment camps.

This being Highly Offended phenomenon is a classic "bad is good, good is bad" scenario.

(I wish, though, that I could get someone better with words to explain.)

Thing is, these "Highly Offended" people, aka the PC Police, are that way because of guilt.

They don't realize it, they delude their selves into believing they are the "good" person, looking out for the "victim(s)", but it's pretty obvious when they practically scream denial when they claim in that supercilious, holier-than-thou tone that they are Offended.
It's common psychology.

Think about it.

In the several years I've been a member of different message boards and online groups, there's been a number of ladies that will ask advice like this:
"I couldn't reach my husband for 2 hours this afternoon and when I said something about it, he flew off the handle at me."
"My husband hides his phone/deletes texts/goes outside to talk, and when I asked what he was hiding, he became angry and defensive."
"I caught my husband reading my texts/emails/facebook account behind my back. I was angry that he didn't trust me, and he accused me of hiding things from him."
And so on...and so on.

Everyone is pretty clear what's going on there - guilt.

Taking great offense at an innocent question or comment,
Attempting to shift blame.

All classic signs of guilt.

Ask someone if they did (something wrong). Majority of the time you can tell if they're telling the truth.
Guilty people generally work harder to convince you that they aren't guilty.
Cops, teachers, Moms, wives stupid enough to stay with a cheating husband....are very familiar with these tactics.

So someone says, in reference to saying printed on a t-shirt, it's "f'ing retarded".
Someone else, in a clearly defensive tone, declares, "I'm offended by your use of "retarded"."

Several others pipe up to back the Highly Offended one, casting the person using the word as a hateful speaking vermin.

When that's not the case at all.

The person using the word clearly had no guilt in using the word in the manner that she used it.
She doesn't automatically associate the word with mentally or other handicapped kids/people.
A "good" person does not, deep down in their secret heart-of-hearts, think of challenged/handicapped people as "retards". 

Whereas, the Highly Offended one took great offense at the word, even in the clearly un-offending manner it was used, and used it as a weapon to strike out at the other lady.

Who takes offense, becomes defensive, and shifts blame?
Guilty people.

These people do - whether they know, or admit it or not - think of these kids/people as "retards".
They seek to aleve their guilt by trying to ban use of the word altogether.
Hearing the word - even in a situation worlds away from insulting a challenged/handicapped person - makes them crazy. They become defensive, upset, and make wild strawman arguments, such as, "Well, why don't you explain to our African American friends why they shouldn't be offended by the use of the N-word?"


Well, gee, let me think.
Maybe because, unlike the "R-word", the "N-word" has never been anything but a derogatory term intended to harm a specific group of people, so this comparison is pretty far out there.
Second, unless it's said in reference to their self in a derogatory or insulting way, in my opinion, they shouldn't. Taking offense gives others too much power over you....
......but that's another discussion for another day.

Back to my point, these Highly Offended people are actually the "bad" ones, but are portrayed as the "good" because of their supposed rabid defense of those who can't defend themselves. 

I was told that I haven't walked in these (Highly Offended) people's shoes, and that I have no right to judge how they should be offended by a word or not.
(Gotta love those arrogant assumptions people feel entitled to make.)

My oldest son is now 28 years old (give or take a year either way).
He was placed into Special Ed in school in the 1st grade, diagnosed with Emotional/Behavioral/Social/Anxiety and who knows what all other Disorders. This diagnosis/placement came after a few years of dealing with problems/hoping he'd "outgrow" the issues during pre-school and Kindergarten.

In addition to his "issues", he was red-haired, over-weight, and barked at the other kids.
Yes, like a dog; not a military officer.

"Retarded" was just one of many names he was called.

My youngest son has mild CP (Cerebral Palsy) and also Social/Anxiety Disorders.

When he was in elementary school, he would become so physically nervous when it was lightening outside that his teacher would have to move his desk into the supply closet so he would feel "safe". But he still cried because he worried everyone else was going to get lightening struck.

He was so rigid about following The Rules, he would become distraught and cry when other kids would start answering questions on a paper before the teacher told them to begin.

Noise, taste, texture sensitivities.

To this day, at 20 years old, he struggles to print his own name and walks up on his toes because he can't physically put his heels on the floor.

He, too, has been subjected to being made fun of, called names, asked if he was "retarded or what".

Let me tell you about people who would never say the "R-word" - these are the same people you later discover has been saying things like, "There's something seriously wrong with that kid", "They need to do something with that kid", "Why don't they get that kid some help?".

It doesn't matter what word(s) people say or don't say, when the intent is exactly the same!

I've dealt with this shit for around 25 years....I still deal with it from some of my family members...so yeah, I've walked the walk.
I damn well take the right to judge when I know a situation is wrong.

Because it pisses me right the hell off that a good-hearted person that doesn't mean anyone any harm is vilified, while the guilty ones are held up and revered.

People - rational and sane people - need to stop cowering in fear of being accused of insensitivity or of not caring enough, and stand up and tell these people, "Go suck your guilt-filled-lemon in the corner while giving some hard thought to your true motives - and shame on you."

Shame on the two-faced, lying, back-stabbing hypocrites that sneer in disgust at my kids and me, while acting all sanctimonious and holier-than-thou like their shit doesn't stink.

Call me what you want, accuse me of what you will, correct my grammar, make fun of my mf'ing hair if that turns your crank, it won't change anything. I see the real you. I smell your shit.

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