Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Days of the Week Posts

I tried a Days-of-the-Week blog schedule hoping it would give me some ideas or direction for posting. I often have things to say, but my mind is so all over the place I can't seem to pull my thoughts together into any sort of cohesive package.
I have a Dashboard filled with Draft posts, posts I start, but then can't expound on, or can't find the words to say what I'm wanting to get across, or I just lose interest in my own subject.

Part of the Days-of-the-Week post problem was/is that most of the time I usually don't know what day of the week it is.

Now that the kids are out of (public) school and J and R work such crazy schedules, what day of the week it is doesn't mean too much anymore.
When they were in (public) school, going five days a week, we lived for the weekend. Countdown to Friday! But now our "weekend" may come at the first of the week, or midweek. Many times J and R don't get the same 2 days off so their "weekends" come at different times during the week.

J's fire department schedule is 24 hours on, 48 off, all month long, and then every other two weeks, he also works 24 hour shifts on the ambulance.
R works an even crazier shift at 911: On 2 nights, Off 2 nights, On 3 nights, Off 2 nights, On 2 nights, Off 3 nights.
Throw in on top of that - this semester - R has class Friday morning, and K has class Wednesday evening.
And sometimes, if he's off, R has meetings at the fire stations he volunteers at.

I have no schedule myself, but I have the need to keep up with everyone else's schedule. I keep up with J's so I know have an idea when he might be home and I can (tentatively) plan any errands or projects.

I keep up with R and K's schedules because their memories are as bad as mine (which I don't understand. When I was their age, I had an excellent memory. I didn't lose mine until at some point after I had a 106* fever, or three kids.) But there have been days that they've missed class or an event because we forgot about it, or didn't forget, but didn't know what day it was.
R hasn't forgotten to go to work yet, but it's a fear I have. I panic most everyday around 5 o'clock until I check my calendar to see if it's a workday or not.

I've always had a calendar hanging up in the kitchen that I write work schedules, appointments, events, paydays, etc. on, but then I wouldn't even look at it.  Same with the Cozi calendar. Love the idea that everyone enters their own things and it's available to the group to see. But I don't log on at look at it 99% of the time. I don't know why, I just don't think about it.

Now I keep my calendar pages right here by my desk where I can see them without actually having to look. And I look more for what Number of the day of the month it is than what Day of the week it is. I suppose that's because I guess I actually do have a schedule - it's when the bills are due.

So anyway, that's pretty much what happened to the most recent, short-lived Days of the Week blogging effort.

That, and my craptastic mood, which took a serious plunge after that bad storm and subsequent cold blast we had a couple weeks ago.

It's bad enough, you know, when last Fall it started getting chilly and colder as it went on into Winter. I didn't like it, but I could accept it and cope. But after it warmed up here, nice and Spring-like a couple of weeks ago, the cold blast that came in behind it just seemed extra, extra bad. And it was right after J's Mom passed away, and some other things went wrong at a time I just didn't feel like having to deal with them.

I didn't care to hear my negativity and complaints any more than I'm sure any of you did, or do.

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