Monday, May 30, 2011

The Return of Me

According to my Edit Posts list, I started this blog almost three years ago, in July '08.

July '08 was the same date I started working at Walmart, where I lasted for six months before I was ready to *retire* lol.
I made some posts at first, but eventually they became fewer and further between. And wayyy outdated.

While still working, I discovered Xtreme Qpon shopping, which I devoted most/all my time/energy/effort into after I quit WM. Searching the deals, collecting/clipping the coupons, doing the shopping, blogging about it...used up all of what little brain matter I have, leaving nothing really to be able to post here.

Recently I've slowed down doing the shopping, my interests turning more towards home-stuff again, giving me less to blog about on my Shopping Blog.
So, I thought I'd dig out some of my old blogs and start them up again.
Beginning with this one.

I wrote a bit of an introduction in an About Me page, leaving out the bad parts of course :-)
Check it out if you're interested.

Please leave a comment if you visit, even if it's just "Hi", otherwise I'm afraid I'll lose interest and abandon the Blog again if it seems like nobody's visiting.
If you have a blog or site, be sure to leave a link so I can check it out.

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