Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Thanksgiving morning! I'm up early this morning - nope, not cooking - Sent my young'un off to work on the ambulance today.
The ol' man is also working today, leaving the firehouse this morning to go get on the ambulance, too. (Same company, but they don't work in the same County.)

Me & Kev will be headed out here in a little bit to spend the day with Uncles, Aunts, Cousins and other assorted relatives.

While I'm waiting for my Uncle to arrive here to ride with us, thought I'd post my Thanksgiving decor I almost didn't get put out this time.

We went on our cruise November 12th. My oldest son came to house sit and take care of my chickens while we were away, so I had left the Halloween decor up for him to enjoy. 

When I got back and was busy with unpacking and laundry and this and that, while packing away the Halloween decor I thought I would just skip Thanksgiving decorating this time, and go ahead and get started putting out the Christmas decor, figuring I could use the extra time.

These two said, No way, hozo. 

I opened the buffet drawer to put some things in/get some things out, and there these two sat, looking at me like, What up? Why are we still in this drawer, here it is the week of Thanksgiving? Aren't you Thankful or whut?

I am Thankful. And, semi-self-disciplined. No Christmas decor before Dec. 1st is my personal rule.

I know I often say "Rules are meant to be broken", but that's only other people's rules, not my own.

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