Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Decorating

I didn't really have a plan when I started dragging the Halloween decor out, but in general, I had torn some paper strips to do some paper mache-ing, and stuck the extras into one of the plastic pumpkins to keep safe from Kitty.

I sat that pumpkin on top of another pumpkin, and next thing I knew I had two stacks "totems" of jack-o-lanterns.

At first I had put the two "gravestones" in the fireplace, but I didn't feel like the little bit of "scary" went too well with all the smiling, cheerful Jacks.

So I decided to make the top part of the mantel more scary.

The white ceramic vase made by my Grannie back in the 1960's. Kitty knocked it off the buffet and broke it to pieces last Christmas. I couldn't bear to toss it out, so I glued it back together. Badly :(
Turns out it looks pretty suitable for a Halloween decor all cracked up like that.

Haunted "ancestor" portrait.

Other haunted "ancestor" portrait.

Repping my EMTs.

For the buffet area I hung black/striped plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree over that torn out wall we still never have gotten around to working on, and an old window frame with the glass panes broken out.

The two-headed clown is a Spirits decanter - not meant to be a Halloween decoration - came from my mother-in-law's house. I don't have any other information about it, I wish I'd asked her where it came from or anything, but I didn't think about it back then.

The hand is a ring-holder from Dollar Tree years ago. Picked up the glass at Goodwill for 77¢ last week.

This chandelier I rescued from cousin Joe's scrap pile and spray painted it black and glued on battery-powered candles, that I also spray painted black.
Added web and spider.

"The Gathering of Crows: One Crow for Sorrow, Two Crows for Joy, Three Crows for a Girl, Four for a Boy. Five Crows for Silver, Six Crows for Gold, Seven Crows for a Secret Never to be Told."

Cat, bat, Witch, candy corner.

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