Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Decor v1

 I am running a bit behind here lately, but I managed to shovel out my dining room in time to be able to start my early Fall decorating; Fall Decor v1.

I usually decorate mostly with pumpkins, I love pumpkins, but as I was clearing out my over-filled china cabinet and saw these little red apples, it occurred to me that I was waiting for apple harvesting time from my Dad's apple trees. Apples are actually more relevant to me than pumpkins (I planted pumpkins in July, but couldn't keep the plants watered enough so they shriveled up and died), so why wasn't I using more apples in my Fall decor?

Apples in a lime green Pyrex pie dish
My kitchen was decorated in apple decor when we first moved here, and since I hardly get rid of anything, most of it is in a bin in the attic.

I had this little apple lamp shade, the wicker apples, the metal apple cookie canister, the apple candles in the galvanized bucket, and apple baskets.

The old picture with fruit I picked up a few months ago at the Goodwill Outlet while visiting family in Florida. My sister found me the vintage rooster figurine also at the GWO.

Apple baskets, waiting to be filled with real apples soon

The Pyrex mixing bowls just kind of go along with the 'apples to make a pie in the Pyrex pie dish' theme. Mostly I decided to display them because they've been hidden away in my china cabinet.

The buffet area:

I hung orange plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree to trim out my wall sheet covering the torn out wall we still never have gotten fixed.

The chandelier I pulled out of Cousin Joe's scrap pile and spray painted it black and glued on battery operated candles. I'm planning to add more decor to it to make it more Halloween-ish.

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