Friday, January 22, 2016

And Death

I'll spare you the pictures, but last night I went from eighteen chickens, to six.

It was a massacre, and horrible, and my fault, because I was over-confidant in the security of my chicken coop.

That was just moldy icing the rotten cake this week, today especially.

J took his brother to the hospital this morning, probably for the last time.
I believe they are admitting him for in-hospital Hospice care. I don't believe he'll last very long. Maybe not even through this night.

We're dealing with Weather this week.
Not like some people are dealing with Weather, and despite the fact that I'm totally prepared for it, I am just strung out.

My anxiety is through the roof, I'm shaking like I got the palsy.
Adrenalin, I reckon.

ETA: Got the call, J's brother is gone.

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