Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm Here

It might not look like it, but I'm here. Technically, I'm over at my Coupon/Deal Shopping Blog these days. I kind of got dragged back into Big Deal shopping...I think it was a remnant of Christmas shopping. It'll probably wear off soon.

Otherwise I've been doing some organizing around the house. Carried off a load of stuff to donate at the Thrift Store a couple days ago.
Also stopped into the Consignment shop and asked about consigning some clothes.

J's uniforms and work things were scattered all over the house, since there's no room in any of our small closets for it. I came up with an idea to consolidate it all in one place.
I had the idea to get one of those tv armoire's with doors and drawers...the same day I had that thought, someone gave one away on Freecycle, but I missed out. Booo.

Anyway we had a large shelf-cabinet on out carport J had brought home from his cousin's back in the summer (or maybe a couple of summers back, I can't remember). It came with shelves, but no shelf clips, so we had to buy those, and fashion a rod...I thought I had a dowel around here somewhere, but couldn't find it, but I did find a stick Kevin had whittled the bark off of and made a walking stick out of. But he doesn't walk, and I needed a closet pole, so it worked out.

It's really big in my small-sized livingroom, but it was free and does the job, so can't complain too much.

J got a new window installed upstairs (we've been slowly replacing the windows over the years as we can afford one here and there), and we (we being he) ran a couple of water pipes to what will be the new kitchen.

Did I mention we're remodeling to move the kitchen again? Yeah, back into the old kitchen. Where I should have left it to start with.

I can hardly believe how much I'm getting done here lately. I usually pretty much shut down after Christmas and don't move in the Winter. And usually Winter isn't even as cold as we've had it some days this year. Down into the 20's a whole lot, and even down to 3* at one point, in the 'teens the next night.
I've still been just chugging right along.

It's probably the "New Year" thing, like how some people start diets and saving money and all. It'll probably wear off soon, too.

I am going to try to keep on keepin' on, though. I feel better when I make any progress, even a little bit of progress.

(Apparently this post was All About Me, haha.)

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