Saturday, May 05, 2012

I Built A Crate

Among the many things I save because I might need/want/could use it later is old wood. I save it, plus if anyone is giving any away like on Freecycle, I try to claim all I can get.
I guess I got that from my parents who were always into "upcycling" old wood and other house building materials.

So recently I was discussing with Ryan that I had wanted to build a "mudroom" in the old laundry room. Something like this:

(Pinterest Image)
With J busy re-working the back porch, I figured Ryan and me could build something like that. It's basically mostly plywood screwed together. (I wouldn't have the drawers underneath, I need a larger area for parking boots.)

Last night while surfing Pinterest I found something that caught my interest (can't recall what now) and ended up at Ana White's site again. (I've visited there before, when Mariah, Thee Firewife, built her raised garden beds. But at the time I wasn't much interested in building anything, so I guess I forgot about the site. )

Anyway I was looking through all the Plans, wanting to build everything, just trying to decide which to build first. Mostly I was looking at book/storage shelves because I've been trying to come up with a Plan for building a Chest-of-Suitcases-drawers.

While checking out this Plan for a Storage Tower, I saw the Plan for the wooden crate. I thought that looked makeable, something to practice on before we tried such a big build as the mudroom.

The Plan called for a 1x12 board, cut 17 inches long, but I didn't have (or couldn't find) one of those in my stash. I had a stack of end pieces of deck board left over from the storage barn back porch project. They are about 2 feet long and not much good for anything, but they were perfect for my crate.
They came out to more like 16 inches wide, which was a better width for my board's length anyway.

Found an old, what looked to have been a 2x4 or larger at one time but had been broken or split, to screw the deck boards to to make the base of the crate.
Me and J had to have a "discussion" about this part. There was a bunch of old'ish, used screws in his screwdriver case that he'd taken out of something during some previous project and hadn't gotten around to throwing them in the scrap metal bucket yet. But they looked fine and useable to me. He kept trying to give me new screws, and I was like "You just don't understand the concept of 'reclaimed', do you?"

Found a scrap piece of plywood on the carport that looked the right height for the ends (sides?). I have to admit, I had to get J to do the sawing. I'm terrorfied of the skil saw, and it's too loud.

Then he had to help get me started screwing them on, because I didn't have enough hands to hold the pieces together and drill a hole and be able to screw them together. He used the drill attachment to deep-set the holes (I can't remember what that's called).

I did use this saw by myself. After I nearly knocked myself out with flying wood pieces and J showed me how to do it right (again), I cut some vintage old slats for the sides (front/back?).

I tacked them on with some little galvanized finishing nails I found in J's workshop. These nails weren't used, but they were free, part of a large lot of stuff J had gotten when his friend's GF was moving houses and was getting rid of a lot her late father's stuff out of the basement. They called J to come get whatever he wanted (I think everyone knows by now we'll take pretty much anything FREE).

I sanded around the edges and filled in the screwholes with wood putty. I need to find some thick, cotton rope for handles. Can't decide if I want to paint it or leave it as is. J likes it as is, but the woods are aged different and are different colors, so IDK.

When I showed it to the kids, they were like, "What's it for?" "What are you going to put in it?"
I have no idea. It has no purpose.  It's too small for some things, too big for others.
Hate when that happens, lol.


Trina said...

I think it is a good that I have not gotten into Pintrest, I think it would be dangerous for me! Let me know if your mudroom comes to be!

Amber said...

I like it! I could see it painted multicolor and holding outdoor toys or sport equipment....but you may be exiting that phase. What about painting it kind FDish red and black and letting it hold fire dept equipment? OOO or paint it in pastels and let it hold your gardening equipment.

Melissa said...

LOL, Trina, I think my husband thinks the same thing. I'm pretty sure he winces everytime the word Pinterest comes out of my mouth.

All good ideas, Amber.
I thought about putting the pool toys in it, but it's not really big enough.

I like the red/black FD idea but I don't know what I'd put in it. I don't think I really have any FD equipment that goes in a crate.

I'm guessing it probably will end up with my gardening/planting stuff.

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